Summer Loving: Brett Haley Set To Direct Grease Prequel At Paramount

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Paramount Pictures have signalled their intent of making the Grease prequel project, Summer Loving, a high priority at the studio as they have attached director Brett Haley to helm the film.


The 1978 musical film focused on greaser Danny Zuko and Australian Sandy Olsson have a summer fling and go their separate ways, with the two thinking they may never meet again. At the beginning of the new school year however, it turns out that Sandy has transferred to Rydell High School, same High School where Danny is at. As Danny recounts his summer love with his gang the T-Birds, and Sandy tells the Pink Ladies her version of events, they learn that their stories about each other don’t match, leaving Sandy humiliated and Danny having to fight to win her back. But will they be able to rekindle their romance?


One of the songs in the original film, Summer Nights, details their summer fling, which this film will follow in detail of their fateful meeting and what followed.


The report indicates that Haley won over the studio due to his passion and pitch on how he could update it for todays audience. Haley’s directorial features include The New Year, I’ll See You In My Dreams, Hearts Beat Loud and All The Bright Places.

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