Outer Banks: Drama Series Renewed For Second Season At Netflix

Media outlets are reporting that Netflix have renewed YA drama series Outer Banks for a second season.


Outer Banks is set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where we follow a group of blue-collared friends who live at The Cut and refer to themselves as Pogues, with the leader of them being John B., whose father is missing/presumed dead and was obsessed in locating the Royal Merchant, a vessel that sunk and vanished but is believed to have gone down with $400m worth of gold. As John B. and his friends find several clues to his father’s disappearance, which in turn might lead to them finding the Royal Merchant and its bounty, they must overcome being chased by the law, a wealthy, rival group from Figure Eight called the Kooks, as well as drugs, love, fighting and friendship.


The first season premiered on the streaming service back in the middle of April, becoming a hit globally in the process. The reports state that the creators, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke, will be returning as showrunners and executive producers.


The second season will see Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Drew Starkey, Deion Smith and Charles Esten reprise their roles.

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