Short Film Of The Week: Outside

For most of us, the majority of 2020 has been spent sheltering in our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it has proven to be daunting, it has been a period of finding solace, and even be creative as most of our lives were hit with the pause button and that’s exactly what couple Amy Acker and James Carpinello did during their time on lockdown, creating a short film that captures the sentiment of being on lockdown in Outside.


The short focuses on a woman quarantined with her husband questions the reality of the threat keeping her inside her home and starts to believe he is holding her prisoner. Her mental state begins to unravel until she finally plots her escape Outside.


Short entirely on iPhone at their home over a two-week period during lockdown, the couple leaned on friends and fellow creatives to help with the project, such as Tommy Aagaard (film editor), Justin Stanley (music/score), Jack Whittaker (sound design) and Lucas Miller (sound editor). There’s a recent article online with the couple speaking with Entertainment Weekly about the short that’s definitely worth reading.


I really enjoyed this sixteen-minute short by Acker and Carpinello. I was getting 10 Cloverfield Lane vibes while watching it, as you begin to question in how the ‘facts’ are presented here, particularly in the scene involving the phone. Considering that the short is shot entirely on an iPhone, I felt like it was well shot and acted by Amy Acer and James Carpinello, as well as edited seamlessly by Tommy Aagaard, with the score by Justin Stanley and the sound design/mixing by Jack Whittaker and Lucas Miller complimenting the material. In the EW article, the couple are considering whether or not to take this quarantine short on the festival circuit and I reckon they should, I’d even be interested to see if they would develop the concept further on an actual budget once we come through the tail-end of this pandemic.

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