Prisoners Of Paradise: Rhona Mitra Joins Cast For Coming-Of-Age Drama

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Rhona Mitra is the latest name to join the cast of coming-of-age drama Prisoners of Paradise.


Prisoners of Paradise will be set in 1925, focusing on seventeen-year-old orphan Lucy Gladwell who is sent from England to live under the guardianship of her uncle George Huyton. Initially seduced by the sumptuous beauty of her surroundings, Lucy finds herself at odds with her violent uncle who is not the warm-hearted influence he pretends to be, and she soon falls in love with Krishna, a labourer working on a nearby plantation.


Rhona Mitra (whose recent credits include Archive and Supergirl) will be playing the role of Betty, Lucy’s aunt. The film is written by Alan Govinden and Jason Wingard, with Mitch Jenkins set to direct. The film is scheduled to commence production in September on location in Mauritius.


Rhona Mitra joins a cast that includes Ellie Bamber, Mehdi Dehbi, Rupert Penry-Jones and Edward Akrout.

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