College Republicans: Logan Lerman, Asa Butterfield And Kristine Froseth To Star And James Schamus To Direct

Deadline is exclusively reporting that James Schamus has committed to direct College Republicans, a fact-inspired coming-of-age drama bout top Republican operatives, which will star Logan Lerman, Asa Butterfield and Kristine Froseth.


The film, which Wes Jones wrote the script that topped the Black List in 2010, is set in the Summer of 1973 as America witnesses the dirtiest election in its history – for the chairmanship of the national College Republicans club. Young Karl Rove embarks with his not-to-be-trusted campaign manager Lee Atwater on a backroom vote-getting, and vote-stealing, road trip through the South. Among the future Republican titans they form uneasy alliances with, and betray whenever convenient, include Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Jeff Sessions. But when Atwater meets his duplicitous match in a beautiful young Republican operative, Kate King, their dreams of victory bring them all too close to humiliating, career-ending defeat.


The film is based on Wes Jones’ (writer and producer on Showtime’s Billions) meticulous research, and tells the origin story of the modern GOP and the young opportunists who ended up, years later, reshaping the political landscape. Likely Story’s Anthony Bregman will be producing on the project alongside The Black List’s Franklin Leonard, Symbolic Exchange’s James Schamus and Likely Story’s Peter Cron. Wes Jones will be executive producing alongside Ken Friemann.


Logan Lerman (whose credits include Hunters and End of Sentence) will be playing the role of Lee Atwater, Asa Butterfield (whose credits include Sex Education and Greed) will be playing the role of Karl Rove and Kristine Froseth (whose credits include Looking For Alaska and The Society) will be playing the role of Kate King.

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