47 Ronin Sequel In Development At Netflix, Ron Yuan To Direct

Deadline is exclusively reporting that an untitled action-fantasy sequel to 47 Ronin is in development at Netflix, with Universal 1440 onboard to produce and actor Ron Yuan set to direct.


The original film, released in 2013, was set in medieval Japan and was a fictionalised account the 47 Ronin, a real-life group of samurai in the 18th century who set out to avenge the death of their master who was killed by a merciless shogun.


The sequel will be set three-hundred years into the future in an exotic cyberpunk world. The film will be a fresh, re-imagined take on the original film and will incorporate horror along with modern samurai and ninja elements.


Ron Yuan released a statement saying:

I’m incredibly excited to be working with Universal and the producing team on this genre-blending, martial arts, action, horror and cyber-punk film. This will be a fun, intense, supercharged thrill ride for viewers globally.


The 2013 film had a budget of $175m and earned $151.8m worldwide. John Orlando, Share Stallings and Tim Kwok will serve as producers on the project, with Universal 1440 Entertainment (the production entity of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) producing, with Netflix distributing.


Production is scheduled to commence early 2021.

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