Huracán: HBO Acquires Latinx MMA Thriller From Cassius Corrigan

Deadline is exclusively reporting that HBO has acquired the rights for Cassius Corrigan’s directorial feature debut of the Latinx psychological thriller with an MMA setting Huracán.


The film focuses on Alonso Santos, an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter from Miami, who struggles to make it into the professional MMA circuit as he suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder, which manifests itself in his aggressive and reckless alternate personality Huracán.


Cassius Corrigan released a statement saying:

It’s a dream come true. HBO is the most prestigious brand in entertainment, and for them to champion Huracán is a testament that we accomplished something truly special. As a kid from a diverse family with a Colombian abuela and Cuban tío, I’m proud to help showcase an extraordinary group of artists from throughout the Latino diaspora in the cast and crew of our film. Huracán is a deep dive into the mystery and complexity of severe mental illness, and the beautiful violence of mixed martial arts, all set in the darkly magical city that is Miami.


HBO acquired the rights from Cassius Corrigan (who also wrote the script) and Hyde Park International, who picked up the worldwide rights for the film. Corrigan produced the project alongside Diomedes Raul Bermudez. Served as executive producers on the project were Jorge Masvidal, Abraham Kawa, Victoria Corrigan Fine, Alan Fine, Robert Zarco and Tony DeRosa.


Huracán stars Cassius Corrigan, Yara Martinez, Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal, Grégory Choplin, Steven Spence, Camila Rodríguez, Carlos Guererro, Milena Rivero, Samantha Lopez, Martín Fajardo, Gley Viera, Wallace Jean, Xavier Cortes and Benhur Sito Barrero.


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