Yours, Mine And Paul’s: Sarah Hyland Set To Star In Comedy Series In Development At ABC

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Sarah Hyland has signed up to headline Yours, Mines and Paul’s, a comedy series in development at ABC, from fellow Modern Family alum Ty Burrell and his production company Desert Whale Productions.


Yours, Mines and Paul’s focuses on Lauren, who agrees to be a surrogate for her best friend, Paul, and his husband Xander. There’s just one problem: Lauren and Xander hate each other, and Paul dies in the cold open.


Sarah Hyland (whose other credits include Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments and The Wedding Year) will be playing the role of Lauren, an impulsive, faux-enlightened millennial who agrees to be the egg donor and surrogate for her best friend Paul, and his husband Xander, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that she and Xander are constantly competing for Paul’s attention. She likes the idea of being the glowing, pregnant centre of attention for nine months without having to take care of a crying baby at the end of it. After Paul’s sudden death, she is confronted with the looming possibility of motherhood and co-parenting with her nemesis. 


The potential series is written and co-executive produced by Julia Meltzer, with Ty Burrell Burrell executive producing alongside Mel Cowan, Jonny Meeks and Joel Spence. Erica Schechter is Director of Development at Desert Whale Productions.

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