American Sicario: Philippe Haddad, Danny Trejo, Cali Morales, Maurice Compte, Maya Stojan, Dionysio Basco And Jaylen Moore To Star In Thriller

The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that Philippe Haddad, Danny Trejo, Cali Morales, Maurice Compte, Maya Stojan, Dionysio Basco and Jaylen Moore will be starring in action cartel thriller American Sicario.


The film will tell the true story of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, also known as La Barbie (The Barbie), a Mexican-American drug lord and a high-ranking lieutenant of the now disbanded Beltrán Leyva Cartel. Valdez worked for several years as a cartel lieutenant alongside nephew Fernando Valdez, rising to a leadership role in an enforcement squad known as Los Negros. Following the death of cartel boss Arturo Beltrán Leyva in 2009, Valdez fought a bloody gang war for control of the organisation. Valdez is currently serving a forty-nine year prison sentence at USP Coleman II in Florida.

Philippe Haddad (whose credits include Green Valley and Hidden Springs) will be playing the role of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, with Danny Trejo (whose credits include Big City Greens and The Last Exorcist) will be playing the role of Pedro, the father of the drug lord’s partner Gloria, who will be played by Cali Morales (whose credits include Dynasty and Lemon).


Raja Collins is directing the project, marking his directorial debut, which has just started production in Nevada. The screenplay is written by Rich Ronat. The film is being produced by GFG Entertainment with Ross Campbell, Maurice Compte and Raja Collins serving as producers, with Philippe Haddad, Rigan Machado, Jaylen Moore, Brian Walker and Glen Barensfeld serving as executive producers. VMI Worldwide acquired the film with the deal being brokered by Jessica Bennett of VMI and Raja Collins.


Raja Collins released a statement saying:

Once I heard this amazing true story, I knew this movie was the one for me to helm, especially because the film is from the perspective of a real life Cartel boss. Philippe pitched it to me, and we knew Trejo was the right fit, along with Maurice and the entire cast. We teamed up with VMI Worldwide and couldn’t be more excited for this film to come out.


Andre Relis, CEO of VMI Worldwide, released a statement saying:

We had a great experience working with Raja on producing Grand Isle and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to support him on his directorial debut. The true story is yet to be explored and the script serves a bountiful amount of action.


VMI Worldwide will be presenting American Sicario at the upcoming virtual American Film Market.

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