DMZ: HBO Max Gives Limited Series Order For Drama From Ava DuVernay And Roberto Patino Based On DC Comics Series

Deadline is reporting that HBO Max have given a limited series order for DMZ, a futuristic drama from executive producers Ava DuVernay and Roberto Patino that’s based on the DC Comics series.


DMZ is set in the near future where America is embroiled in a Civil War,  leaving Manhattan a demilitarised zone (hence DMZ), destroyed and isolated from the rest of the world. The limited series will focus on Alma Ortega, a fearless and fierce medic whose on a journey to find the son she lost in the evacuation of New York City at the start of the conflict. During her journey she will encounter Parco Delgado, the popular, and deadly leader of one of the most powerful gangs in the DMZ who wants to rule this new world and will stop at nothing to secure that outcome.


The series is set to examine the political and cultural divide in American society, where Alma Ortega must contend with the gangs, militias, demagogues and warlords that control this lawless no man’s land. In doing so, she becomes the unlikely source of what everyone there has lost…hope.


Roberto Patino released a statement saying:

I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this epic to the screen with my boundary-pushing partners at WBTV and HBO Max, a sublime cast led by Rosario and Benjamin, and my partner and friend, the inimitable and ever-inspiring Ava DuVernay. DMZ offers up an explosive playground which, more than anything else, exalts the resilience of community and the human spirit. I can’t wait to welcome the die-hard fans of the comic books and new viewers alike to this intoxicating, haunting and inspiring world.


Sarah Aubrey, Head of Original Content at HBO Max, also released a statement saying:

DMZ’s unflinching story of a country torn apart resonates eerily and profoundly amid our current state of the union. With the powerhouse visionary team of Ava and Roberto at the helm, bringing this critically acclaimed DC gem to life promises to entertain and inspire hope.


Roberto Patino will serve as showrunner on the limited series as well as write all the episodes, with Ava DuVernay directing the pilot. The series is produced by DuVernay’s ARRAY Filmworks in association with Warner Bros. Television. Production on the limited series is scheduled to commence in 2021.


DMZ stars Rosario DawsonBenjamin Bratt, Freddy Miyares, Hoon Lee and Jordan Preston Carter.


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