Arrowverse: David Ramsey To Direct And Reprise John Diggle Role Through Multiple Series, And Play Mystery Character For Legends Of Tomorrow

Deadline is exclusively reporting that David Ramsey will be returning to the Arrowverse at the CW, in front and behind the camera as he’ll be reprising the role of John Diggle, director multiple episodes and also have a mystery role in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that is being kept under wraps.


David Ramsey portrayed the role of David Ramsey aka Spartan during the series of Arrow, which kickstarted this DC Universe on the CW network, which lasted for eight seasons starting back in 2012 and concluded earlier in April this year.


The report states that David Ramsey will be directing five episodes within the Arrowverse, including Supergirl and Superman & Lois, and will appear as John Diggle in Superman & Lois, Supergirl, The Flash and Batwoman. Most interesting of all is his appearance on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be a mystery role being kept under wraps, leading to speculation of course as to whether it will be the ‘final form’ of John putting on the power ring and becoming a Green Lantern.


(SPOILERS AHEAD FOR A TINY PORTION OF THE ARROW SERIES FINALE, INCASE ANYONE HASN’T WATCHED IT YET THIS YEAR) In the series finale of Arrow, John Diggle leaves Star City and is moving to Metropolis. When packing up, a meteor crash lands near him and he finds a mysterious box, opening it and bright green light is emitted.


About returning to the Arrowverse, David Ramsey released a statement saying:

I remain in awe of the imprint these shows have had on television and I’ve been blessed for the better part of a decade to be a part of them both in front of and behind the camera. To say I’m excited beyond belief to return to the Berlantiverse would be an understatement. I can’t wait to continue telling these stories.


So will the Legends of Tomorrow appearance be of John Diggle being a Green Lantern? Or will it be the veteran Lantern John that Jay Garrick referenced in one of the crossovers? Or maybe he’ll be a television actor that works on a series called The Black Driver? Let the speculation commence!


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