Self-Charm: Bukky Bakray, Hazel Young And Agness Nyama To Star In Ella Greenwood’s Mental Health Drama

Variety is exclusively reporting that Bukky Bakray, Hazel Young and Agness Nyama are set to star in the mental-health themed drama Self-Charm from writer/director Ella Greenwood.


Self-Charm follows a young teenager who is struggling with self-harm and so is recommended multiple alternatives by a therapist but none work out for her. The next suggestion she receives is to care for a plant as if it’s herself.


Ella Greenwood, who is an ambassador for teen mental health charity stem4 and is campaigning for better representation of mental health in the media, released a statement saying:

I wanted to make a film about self-harm, something which is rarely spoken about and yet many people go through. I want to make sure self-harm is not shown explicitly and that ways to get help are suggested. I’m so excited that Bukky will be taking on the lead role; she’s an incredible actress and fellow young Londoner, and I’m really looking forward to working with her.


Ella Greenwood’s Broken Flames Productions will be producing the film, with Tallulah Films co-producing, and Karina Michel Feld serving as executive producer. Principal photography for the project will place across various locations in London this month.


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