Susie Searches: Kiersey Clemons To Star In Thriller

Variety is exclusively reporting that Kiersey Clemons has signed up to star in 141 Entertainment’s darkly comic thriller Susie Searches.


The film focuses on Susie, an awkward college student who seizes the opportunity to bolster her popularity and her under-the-radar true crime podcast by solving the disappearance of a classmate. Her investigation reveals that the truth and Susie aren’t at all what they seem to be.


The film is based on a short film of the same name by screenwriter William Day Frank and director Sophie Kargman, with the two returning to adapt and direct the full-length feature version.


Kiersey Clemons released a statement saying:

I’m so excited to be working with Sophie Kargman on such a dark and witty film. I fell in love with the heart and peculiarity of Susie right away. Stories like this, starring women like me are few and far between. It’s a dream to bring her to life alongside our fearless leader Sophie.


Adam Mirels and Robbie Mirels, who will be producing the project under their 141 Entertainment banner, released a statement saying:

Kiersey Clemons is such a special talent who continually delivers magnetic performances, so she is dream casting for this unique role. We strive to bring new voices to the screen, so we are delighted to work with Sophie Kargman – an extraordinary storyteller with a fresh vision – on her debut feature.


Kiersey Clemons will also serve as executive producer on the project. Production for Susie Searches is set to start in London early next year.

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