Green Arrow And The Canaries Series Not Moving Forward At CW

TVLine is reporting that the potential Arrow spinoff series, Green Arrow and The Canaries, will not be moving forward at the CW network.


The spinoff was set to focus on a new Green Arrow, Oliver Queen’s daughter Mia Smoak, Laurel Lance and Dinah Drake. The pilot, which was planted as a backdoor pilot and also served as the second last episode of Arrow’s final season, had Laurel Lance arrive in the year 2040 to recruit fellow Dinah Drake and Mia Smoak in order to stop a threat to the timeline, one which would bring back crime to Star City, but secretly, Laurel’s mission was also preventing Mia from facilitating her city’s ruin, as foretold by future headlines.


The episode in question aired in January last year, though I wonder with the COVID pandemic, and where we stand with it in this current climate, if that played a part in the project not moving forward. According to the report from Deadline, they heard that they were exploring the idea of the spinoff running jointly on the CW and HBO Max. It’s a shame but unsurprising news as I’d expect there would’ve been a contract expiration date for the cast and that might’ve be one of a number of factors that went into the decision, but I did enjoy the backdoor pilot episode at the time and it definitely left enough in it to have you intrigued on the potential series if it were to be picked up.


The spinoff would’ve starred Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy.

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