Step Up: Rebbi Rosie, Keiynan Lonsdale And Enrique Murciano Join Cast For Starz Series

Deadline is reporting that Rebbi Rosie, Keiynan Lonsdale and Enrique Murciano are the least names to join the cast of the Step Up series at Starz.


Inspired by the film franchise from Lionsgate that’s grossed over $600m at the worldwide box office, the series focuses on Sage Odom as the legendary founder of Atlanta’s famed High Water Performing Art School. Collette is the Queen of High Water and Sage Odom’s partner in art, business, and love. Collette built and nurtured Sage’s visionary academy from the ground up. Grinding her way to the top with grit and resourcefulness, Collette earned a new role, manager of Sage Odom and his tour, all this while hiding a dark secret. As this secret comes crashing down on Sage, High Water, and the tour, Collette is tempted by an opportunity to step out of her role as the woman behind the man, to become the powerful woman in front of the man.


Rebbi Rosie (dancer whose performed with Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj) will be playing the role of Angel, who has descended into the world of High Water with an air of mystery and a backpack full of cash. She’s running from the place she calls home, the seedy underworld of London’s organised crime families. Now, Angel has come to the one place in the world where she can make her dreams a reality, High Water. Battle ready and street wise, Angel is ready to take on High Water and prove that she belongs amongst the best dancers in the world, all while breaking the hearts of these American guys and gals hopelessly entranced by her mix of raw swagger and British charm.


Keiynan Lonsdale (whose credits include Love, Simon, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) will be playing the role of Tal, in a recast role originally portrayed by Petrice Jones. Once an outcast from Ohio, taken from his mother and dropped into the tough streets of Atlanta. Tal faced persecution for his eccentricities, his sexuality, and his refusal to submit to the expectations of others. Dancing his way into High Water, literally, beaten and bloodied, Tal became the pride of Sage Odom’s elite dance crew. Now, the lead dancer for Sage’s massive tour, Tal must continue to be the most crucial piece in a support system that carries his friends, his family, and a billion-dollar tour. He is lean, graceful, and courageous, just like his nickname: the greyhound.


Enrique Murciano (whose credits include Power and The Half Of It) will be playing the role of Cruz, a man hoping to carve his face into the Mount Rushmore of high profile, celebrity lawyers and who will do whatever it takes to claw his way to be the primetime status of Cochran, Dershowitz, and Geragos, finally joining the pantheon of litigation gods. The case that will get him there, Sage Odom’s murder accusation. As Cruz fights through the intrigue and conspiracy to save Sage’s life and career, he can’t help but think to the future, imagining himself sauntering down a red carpet like an urban cowboy in his sharply tailored Dries Van Noten.


The series hails from creator Holly Sorensen, who serves as executive producer alongside Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot, Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Erik Feig, Bill Brown and Dawn Wilkinson. Starz will be airing the first two seasons of the series from the 5th March 2021.


The new additions will join a cast that includes Ne-Yo, Christina Milian, Marcus Mitchell, Terrence Green, Carlito Olivero, Jade Chynoweth, Kendra Oyesanya, Eric Graise, Faizon Love, Terayle Hill and Tricia Helfer.

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