The Nevers: Official Trailer For HBO Series Released Online

HBO have released the official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi drama series The Nevers.


The official synopsis for the series is as follows:

In the last years of Victoria’s reign, London is beset by the “Touched”: people, mostly women, who suddenly manifest abnormal abilities, some charming, some very disturbing. Among them are Amalia True, a mysterious, quick-fisted widow, and Penance Adair, a brilliant young inventor. They are the champions of this new underclass, making a home for the Touched, while fighting the forces of… well, pretty much all the forces, to make room for those whom history as we know it has no place.


The series stars Laura DonnellyOlivia WilliamsJames NortonTom RileyAnn SkellyBen ChaplinPip TorrensZackary MomohAmy MansonNick FrostRochelle NeilEleanor TomlinsonDenis O’HareKiran Sonia SawarElizabeth BerringtonElla SmithViola PrettejohnAnna Devlin and Martyn Ford.


The Nevers will premiere on the 11th April 2021.