The Bunker: Tony Todd, Tobin Bell And Chelsea Edmundson To Star In Sci-Fi Horror Film

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Tony Todd, Tobin Bell and Chelsea Edmundson are leading the cast of upcoming sci-fi horror film The Bunker, which is currently in production in Los Angeles.


The film is set during a mysterious alien invasion where a government scientist is sealed in an underground bunker and must create a bio-weapon to stop the mysterious travellers before they take over Earth.


Genre consulting film, Blood Oath, released a statement saying:

We’ve been reading a mountain of scripts, and this one immediately leapt off the page as a fast paced, character driven story within a high concept none of us had seen before. It was the perfect fit for Blood Oath, and with legends Tony Todd and Tobin Bell starring, we believe it will also be a perfect fit for audiences.


The film is written by Charles Bunce and Brian Hanson, with the latter also helming, with the duo serving as producers alongside Kayli Fortun, Sharif Ibrahim and Kelby Thwaits, and Aaron B. Koontz and David Guglielmo serving as co-producers.

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