Tokyo Vice: Official Trailer Released Online

HBO Max have released the official trailer for the upcoming crime drama series Tokyo Vice.


The official synopsis for the series is as follows:

Based on Jake Adelstein’s non-fiction first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat, the drama captures Adelstein’s daily descent into the neon-soaked underbelly of Tokyo, where nothing and no one is truly what or who they seem.


The series is created by J.T. Rogers and stars Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe, Rachel Keller, Ella Rumpf, Rinko Kikuchi, Hideaki Itō, Show Kasamatsu, Tomohisa Yamashita, Shun Sugata, Masato Hagiwara, Ayumi Tanida and Kōsuke Toyohara.


Tokyo Vice will premiere on HBO Max on the 7th April 2022.