Perfect Addiction: Official Trailer Released Online

Prime Video have released the official trailer for the upcoming romantic drama Perfect Addiction.


The official synopsis for the film is as follows:

MMA trainer Sienna Lane thought she had finally got her life together: A nice apartment, her dream job, and Jax, the love of her life. Jax and Sienna seemed to be the unbreakable couple, moving from strength to strength, as Sienna trained Jax to become the ultimate MMA underground champion. Everything felt perfect … until it wasn’t, when she catches Jax cheating on her with her younger sister.

Facing the ultimate betrayal from those closest to her, Sienna sets out for revenge, and intends to hit Jax where it hurts the most—in the ring. The perfect opportunity presents itself in the form of underdog Kayden Williams. Kayden and Sienna soon realise that, to achieve their goals, they are going to have to work together to bring down Jax in the ring. But when Sienna and Kayden get closer outside the ring, the path to the champion’s title gets a little more complicated.


The film is based on Claudia Tan’sYA bestselling novel, which also obtained popularity previously on the platform Wattpad. The novel is adapted by Stephanie Sanditz, with the film directed by Castille Landon, and stars Kiana Madeira, Matthew Noszka, Ross Butler, Poppy Gilbert, Manu Bennett, Nicholas Duvernay, Bree Winslow and Ryan Bown.


Perfect Addiction will become available on Prime Video on the 24th March 2023.