Faces Of Death: Charli XCX Joins Cast For Horror Remake At Legendary

TheWrap is exclusively reporting that singer-songwriter Charli XCX is the latest name to join the cast of Legendary’s horror remake Faces Of Death.


The 1978 original focused on a pathologist who explored the gruesome ways that humans die in order to better understand the many ‘faces of death’, cultivating footage from around the world. Whilst in reality most of the death scenes were staged, there were some real deaths shown in the film, leading to the film being banned in multiple countries, particularly being added to the ‘Video Nasty’ list in the UK. Due to this and curious minds, the film received a cult following when it received home video releases.


The report doesn’t state what role Charli XCX will be playing in the film. Her credits include The Angry Birds Movie and Uglydolls.


The film is currently in production in New Orleans, with Isa Mazzei and Daniel Goldhaber writing and directing the film. Don Murphy and Susan Montford serve as producers on the project alongside Divide/Conquer’s Adam Hendricks and Greg Gilreath, with Rick Benattar serving as executive producer and Cory Kaplan as co-producer.


Charli XCX joins a cast that includes Barbie FerreiraDacre MontgomeryJosie Totah and Aaron Holliday.


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