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Welcome to the Film Talk section.

Here is what you will find

Film News: The latest in film news from casting announcements to film announcements.

Film Ramblings: In here is opening up my own views on certain films, casting and really anything film related.

Film Reviews: Latest reviews on films that I have been watching.

Short Films: Here is where I post up on some short films that I find interesting online from various sources (i.e Youtube & Vimeo).

The Good, The Bad & The Underrated: Here is where I look normally look at a certain actor, actress or director and go through their filmography and decide on what falls under good films from them, what falls under bad and also then pick on one of their films I consider to be underrated.

365 Films: Here is where from the new year (2014) I will each day pick a film that I consider to be worth watching. Pretty much following on from a failed attempt of doing a Top 365 of my favourite films list in previous years, this is the current, revamped take on the idea.