Outlaw King: Callan Mulvey Joins Cast For Netflix Film

Variety is reporting that Callan Mulvey is the latest name to join the cast of Netflix’s epic period drama Outlaw King, based on Robert The Bruce.


While Robert The Bruce appeared in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, this feature will focus on Robert The Bruce casting aside the comforts of his upbringing to stand up for his countrymen in a long campaign against the Brits, ruthlessly consolidated rule among the squabbling noble elite of Scotland and rallying forces to turn back Edward II’s armies to free Scotland.


Callan Mulvey (whose credits include Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Power) will be playing the role of Sir John Comyn, who belongs to a rival clan with their own claim to the throne.


David Mackenzie is directing the project, with Callan Mulvey joining a cast that includes Chris PineAaron Taylor-JohnsonFlorence Pugh and Billy Howle. Gillian Berrie, Steve Golin and Richard Brown are serving as producers on the project.

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