BFI London Film Festival 2020 Announces Short Film Line-Up

The British Film Institute unveiled the short film line-up for the upcoming 64th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express.


The short films programme is broken down into six sections: Kids Will Be Kids, My Time To Shine, Secrets & Lies, This Is The Rhythm Of My Life, UK Focus and We Built A World. The programmed was done by Nellie Alston, Philip Ilson, Aduke King and Elaine Wong.


All thirty-nine short films will be available to watch anytime for free on the BFI Player during the duration of the LFF’s run (7th-18th October). Here is the list of the short films that will be showcased at the BFI London Film Festival 2020:


#FollowMe (Director: Anna Bruun Nørager | We Built A World)

An Everyday Act (Director: Gavin Scott Whitfield | Kids Will Be Kids)

Asho (Director: Jafar Najafi | This Is The Rhythm Of My Life)

Bechora (Director: Maya Armon | Kids Will Be Kids)

Bitter Sky (Director: Joseph Ollman | Kids Will Be Kids)

Bittu (Director: Karishma Dube | Kids Will Be Kids)

Buck (Director(s): Elegance Bratton, Jovan James | My Time To Shine)

Chicken (Director: Alana Hicks | Kids Will Be Kids)

Dafa Metti (Director: Tal Amiran | We Built A World)

Dolapo Is Fine (Director: Ethosheia Hylton | UK Focus)

Dungarees (Director: Abel Rubinstein | My Time To Shine)

Expensive Shit (Director: Adura Onashile | UK Focus)

Good Thanks, You? (Director: Molly Manning Walker | UK Focus)

Good Night (Da Yie) (Director: Anthony Nti | Kids Will Be Kids)

Gramercy (Director(s): Jamil McGinnis, Pat Heywood | Secrets & Lies)

Henet Ward (Director: Morad Mostafa | This Is The Rhythm Of My Life)

A Horse Has More Blood Than A Human (Director: Abolfazl Talooni | We Built A World)

Hungry Joe (Director(s): Sam Dawe, Paul Holbrook | UK Focus)

Jambo Cinema (Director: Dawinder Bansal | This Is The Rhythm Of My Life)

Little Princess (Petite Princesse) (Director: Éric Forestier | Secrets & Lies)

Lizzard (Director: Akinola Davies Jr. | We Built A World)

Loose Fish (Director(s): Francisco Canton, Pato Martinez | We Built A World)

Majority (Director: Tessa Hoffe | We Built A World)

Mandem (Director: John Ogunmuyiwa | UK Focus)

Mother (Director(s): Jas Pitt, Kate Stonehill | This Is The Rhythm Of My Life)

Mountain Cat (Shiluus) (Director: Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir | This Is The Rhythm Of My Life)

The Name Of The Son (El Nombre Del Hijo) (Director: Martina Matzkin | My Time To Shine)

Panthers (Panteres) (Director: Èrika Sánchez Marcos | My Time To Shine)

Salsa (Director: Igor Dimitri | This Is The Rhythm Of My Life)

Shagbands (Director: Luna Carmoon | My Time To Shine)

Shuttlecock (Director: Tommy Gillard | UK Focus)

The Spark (Brûle) (Director: Elvire Muñoz | Secrets & Lies)

Stray Dogs Come Out At Night (Director: Hamza Bangash | Secrets & Lies)

Summer Shade (Director: Shira Haimovici | My Time To Shine)

Two Single Beds (Director: William Stefan Smith | UK Focus)

Witness (Director: Ali Asgari | Secrets & Lies)

Wood Child And Hidden Forest Mother (Director: Stephen Irwin | UK Focus)

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