24 Legacy: Carlos Bernard Reprising Role For Reboot

tv-news-24-legacy-carlos-bernard-reprising-role-for-rebootExecutive Producers of 24: Legacy revealed at their panel at New York Comic Con that one of the actors from the original series, Carlos Bernard, will be appearing in the reboot reprising his role as Tony Almeida.


The reboot series will have us follow Eric Carter, a man who is part of an elite Army Rangers unit deployed to dispose a terrorist leader. Upon his return back to America and trying to get back to normal, Carter finds out that the leader’s crew has tracked him and the rest of his unit down and seeks the help of CTU and learns that they must stop what potentially could be one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American Soil.


Manny Coto said:

He was imprisoned for doing very terrible things again and again. When we did the show in London, on the DVD, there’s a little short where he arranges his escape so this has been planned for a very long time or we’re very lucky we did that short. This takes place in the 24 universe. S0 Jack’s story is still ongoing. Allusions may prop up here and there… it’s all one big world.


Carlos Bernard will be joining a cast that includes Corey Hawkins (Eric Carter), Miranda Otto (Rebecca Ingram), Anna Diop (Nicole Carter), Teddy Sears (Keith Mullins), Jimmy Smits (John Donovan), Dan Bucatinsky (Andy), Coral Pena (Gia), Charlie Hofheimer (Marcus) and Ashley Thomas (Isaac Carter), Sheila Vand (Nilaa), Tiffany Hines (Aisha) and Bailey Chase (Locke).


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